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Tickets and fares

In accordance with what is prescribed by Disciplinare attuativo tariffario, EAV company tickets allow, within the scope of its temporal and/or territorial validity, to use any mean belonging to the same company, except for single journey tickets which can be used just once for only one trip, as their name suggest.

The New Tariff Structure divides tickets into two main categories, taking into account places and distances:

  • URBAN TICKETS, valid for trips having both origin and destination in the urban area of Naples/ Avellino/Benevento/Caserta/Salerno
  • URBAN TICKETS for municipalities that are not provincial capitals (U AC), valid for trips having both origin and destination in a municipality, which is not a provincial capital (whether or not it belongs to one of the urban areas defined above)
  1.  Naples Extra-Urban tickets (e.g. : NA1, NA2…) valid for trips having origin and/or destination outside the urban area of Naples and whose means transit within   the same, whether or not the interchange takes place.
  2. Other Municipalities Extra-Urban Tickets (e.g. : AC1, AC2 …) valid for trips having origin and/or destination outside the urban area of Naples and whose means don’t transit within the same.

As regards extra-urban travels, all the possible relationships between origin and destination have been structured in bands of distance expressed in kilometres:     

Band 1 – distance less than 11 km

Band 2 – distances of between 11 and 21 km

Band 3 – distances of between 21 and 31 km

Band 4 – distances of between 31 and 41 km

Band 5 – distances of between 41 and 51 km

Band 6 – distances of between 51 and 61 km

Band 7 – distances of between 61 and 71 km

Band 8 – distances of between 71 and 81 km


Once validated, the ticket is personal and cannot be transferred to third parties, it must be kept until the end of the journey.

All offenders are liable to legal prosecution.

Monthly tickets allow unlimited journeys by EAV. They must be validated at the first use and on any mean of transport, they are valid until 00:00 on the last day of their calendar month.

Annual passes are valid for 12 consecutive calendar months from the first day of the month until 00:00 on the last day of the last month.

In the case of a ticket with a magnetic strip, the holder is required to write down name and date of birth in the appropriate space. Both in the case of tickets with a magnetic strip or a chip, the passenger is required to show, on request, a valid identity card. In case of lack of requested data, data tampering or if the customer doesn’t show a valid identity card, he will be deemed to be travelling without a valid ticket.

EAV tickets can be purchased:

  • at the company ticket offices during the hours of operation;
  • Using one of the following APPS:

GoEav: the new version of our App - available in Italian, English and German - allows the purchase of our company tickets directly with the smartphone, including those for bus and cable car services. With our App it is also possible to consult timetables, variations in real time and to plan the route.

UnicoCampania: allows company or integrated railway / bus tickets to be purchased as well as those of the other companies participating in the Consortium.

It is permitted to purchase exceptionally single journey tickets on board in the following ways:

Tickets with surcharge:

Passengers getting on board without a ticket must purchase it paying a surcharge, which is € 5.00.

Tickets without surcharge:

On board ticket purchase without surcharge is permitted, only in the case of a passenger boarding without a ticket from: stations/stops with closed ticket office, without automatic ticket machines and affiliated ticket outlets at a distance of more than 250 meters from the station/stop itself.

The list of stations/stops with these characteristics and that of the other ones without ticket offices, when shops are closed, e.g.  on Sunday afternoon, when tickets can be sold on board without surcharge, is available at: http://www.eavsrl.it/web/a-opendata06

For bus service tickets can be purchased:

• in one of the more than 3000 ticket outlets in the region, whose complete list can be found at: https://www.eavsrl.it/web/punti-vendita;

•          at Vesuvian or Flegree lines ticket offices;

•          via GoEav and UnicoCampania App ;

•          on board directly from the Driver, with a maximum surcharge of 30%, rounding to the nearest 50 cents.



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