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Provisions on refunds - Reimbursability of tickets

 Tickets are refundable:

 - if the journey is not carried out due to the cancellation of the train for reasons attributable to EAV Srl or by order of the Public Authority;

 - if it is reasonably expected that the delay at the arrival of the final destination will be more than 60 minutes. In this case, passengers may request a full refund of their ticket or alternatively they may choose to continue their journey on a different service or with an alternative itinerary, within the same day or on another date.

If the passenger chooses to continue the journey, he/she may request the compensation referred to in the following paragraph.

Tickets that are not usable for reasons attributable to the customer are not refundable.

Compensation in case of delay.

Compensation is due in the event of a delay between the place of departure and the place of destination indicated on the ticket to a passenger who has not already requested reimbursement of the ticket.

The passenger shall not be entitled to compensation if he/she is informed of the delay before purchasing the ticket, if the delay at the scheduled time of arrival is less than 60 minutes, if he/she continues the journey on a different service or according to an alternative route and the delay remains less than 60 minutes.

Passengers holding a ticket or a subscription who are forced to suffer a succession of delays or cancellations during the period of validity of the ticket or subscription may request adequate compensation in accordance with the following compensation arrangements.

The reimbursement of the ticket price is not subject to deduction for financial transaction costs such as taxes, telephone charges or stamps.

The minimum threshold below which no compensation is payable is set at €4.

Compensation for delay per passenger holding a TICKET: Compensation for delays is fixed as follows:

 ▪ 25% of the ticket price in case of a delay between 60 and 119 minutes;

 ▪ 50% of the ticket price for a delay of 120 minutes or more.

Compensation for delay per passenger with a subscription (Monthly or Annual) : holders are entitled to compensation for each month in which 10% or more of the scheduled trains on the route indicated on the ticket are delayed by more than 15 minutes or cancelled; this compensation amounts to 10% of the monthly season ticket and 1/12 of 10% of the annual season ticket.

Application procedure

Reimbursement/compensation may be requested, within 90 days of the event, using the claims form:

 a) on the company website www.eavsrl.it, under the link CLAIM, which guarantees the issuing of a receipt;

 b) at any ticket office in an attended facility or at the Infoboxes of Napoli Garibaldi, Napoli Montesanto and Porta Nolana, with issuance of an appropriate receipt.

Alternatively, the request can be sent to enteautonomovolturno@legalmail.it or addressed to EAV, Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi n. 387 - 80142.

The request for reimbursement/compensation may be submitted by:

 - the holder of the non-registered ticket

 - the holder of the ticket

 - the delegates of the entitled persons.

The original tickets must be attached to the request. If the request is made online or by PEC, the tickets can be sent in advance in photocopy or scanned.

Requests without transit passes will not be considered valid and will therefore not be processed.

Paper certificates must have been completed and validated prior to the occurrence of the event giving rise to the request.

The reimbursement/compensation may be paid out

 - in cash - at the manned company ticket offices

 - by bank transfer.

The request must indicate the method chosen and any bank details.

EAV will inform the passenger about the outcome of the refund/indemnity within 30 days from the receipt of the request, proceeding to the payment with the payment method indicated by the passenger among those available.

If the request is not accepted, the passenger may submit a second instance claim to the Transport Authority, within 30 days from the receipt of the refund/compensation notification, by means of a form that can be downloaded from the website.


or by using the Complaints Telematics System (SiTe) at the following address:



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